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The UQMI offers organizations, companies and academic institutions the option of having their Continuous Improvement courses and instructors reviewed for approval and accreditation.  This review focuses on course and instructor effectiveness.

The purpose of the course review is to ensure that course content is in-line with baseline industry skills for each certification level and that instructors have been taught the necessary instructional skills to properly teach and mentor students .  Course review is a requirement for becoming an Accredited Training Organization.  This review focuses on two primary areas: course content and learn methods.  This provides a learning environment where students will have the best opportunity to become successful in their ability to apply the techniques of Continuous Improvement as a result of the course work and instructional training they received.

The first step in becoming an Accredited Training Organization is to submit the necessary documentation of the course(s) for review.  They will be examined for content and adult learning methods.

The next step is the Instructor Certification Review.  This includes a pre evaluation of instructor credentials and experience in the subject matter and a post review including instructor evaluations by the students.

Instructors that have successfully passed the review will be allowed to display the designation of UQMI Certified Instructor on their business cards and letterheads.

Organizations such as Colleges, Universities, Companies with formal training programs and other groups that are licensed will be allowed to show that they are an Authorized UQMI Training Provider and that their courses and instructors are Accredited by the UQMI.  This also includes the exclusive use of the UQMI logo on training materials and certificates.

For more information on becoming an Accredited Training Organization or Certified Instructor, please complete the Contact form for more information.