The UQMI is proud to announce the appointment of the following board members to their new positions.  They are:

Dr. Ivan Del Valle has been appointed Director of Legal Affairs.  In this role he will be responsible for

- Overseeing legal matters related to the organization's operations and activities.
- Ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.
- Monitoring and addressing legal risks and liabilities.
- Providing guidance on legal issues affecting the organization's certification programs and relationships with partners & stakeholders.
- Collaborating with external legal counsel as necessary.

Dr. Yannick Atthos Diaye has been appointed as Membership Director.  In this role he will be responsible for

Providing recommendations for Membership growth

Supporting the implementation the Strategic Plans that will benefit our membership.

Mr Daniel Garvin has been appointed as Marketing Director.  In this role he will be responsible for

Creating and providing recommendations that support the continued growth of the UQMI through promotional avenues

Providing research that supports and is beneficial to Membership growth that includes Chapter Formation and Affiliate Membership

Openings:  The UQMI is currently looking to add three (3) additional Board Members.  These may be for targeted skills positions or Members-At-Large.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Dr. Ronald Fite at


Receiving Honors at the UQMI

Dr. Lee Brown is certified as a Lean Six Sigma Grand Master Black Belt - 4th Dan.

This is to recognize and certify Dr. Lee Brown for outstanding leadership and dedication in the field of Continuous Improvement. Though his efforts Dr. Brown has demonstrated a commitment to life-long learning and worked as a servant leader by sharing knowledge and experience with his students and colleagues.  The Board Members of The UNITED QUALITY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE do hereby recognize you for those efforts that you have taken that will ensure the continued growth and sharing of knowledge to future generations through the principles of Lean Six Sigma as the catalyst for long-term and sustainable improvement.

Dr. David Shockley, President of Surry Community College,  receives the UQMI Award for Outstanding Excellence

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Award Presented to Dr. David Shockley,

President of Surry Community College.

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