1. Overall, the majority of certifications will require some demonstration of application through a project.
  2. Some projects are simply a sign-off by (Affidavit) someone that has observed your work.  Most projects will be demonstrated through a written report (Project) that you must provide.
  3. Specific requirements are shown on the Certification Pricing list.
  4. Students may request to opt out of some prerequisites, however they must Test Out without a project.

2-  Certification Requirements


ClassMarker Registration

  1. Click the appropriate colored link below.
  2. Follow the screen prompts on ClassMarker to register
  3. Payment will be through PayPal.
  4. Once registered you may begin testing.  Each test has a different time restriction.  Test may be taken twice without an additional cost.  At the conclusion of testing, you will receive a message indicating Pass or Fail.  Remember projects must still be submitted to receive full UQMI Certification Credit.

1-  Certification Process Overview

Start with this step. 

  1. Determine which certification that you wish to achieve.
  2. Decide if you are ready to test or if a Prep Course is appropriate.  Once you are ready to test, select the specific certification and it's requirements.

4-  ClassMarker Instructions

5- Submitting Your Documents


  1. Payments will be made through PayPal
  2. Important:  Prices refer to Certification Fees only.  These are not Prep Courses.

3-  Certification Pricing (download)


  1. Affidavit or Witness  A signed document by an individual that serves as a witness to your work.  Does not need to be notarized, but must contain a method of contact (email)
  2. Project:  An electronic description of the work your performed and steps undertaken.  Using software such as Word, PowerPoint, Adobe.
  3. Paper/Thesis:  A pre-approved research topic or your original work submitted electronically in Word, PowerPoint, Adobe
  4. Evals:  Electronic evaluations submitted electronically in Word, PowerPoint, Adobe.
  5. All records must be submitted electronically.  Do not mail!