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The UQMI is an international accreditation and certification organization that consist of members from a variety of industries and diverse occupations that share a common interest in a balanced approach to continuous improvement.  The original organization was  founded the original organization in 1998 under the name of the Lean Manufacturing Consortium.  In 2009, the Lean Manufacturing Consortium merged with the International Lean Association.  In 2010, the LMC and ILA restructured under the direction of Dr. Ronald Fite and emerged as The UNITED QUALITY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (UQMI).

  The structure of our organization consist of a board chair and board of directors that represent a wide range of knowledge and experience.  These individuals come from manufacturing, consulting firms and academic backgrounds.

VISION: To provide a standardize approach for skill recognition in the area of Continuous Improvement for both Domestic and International groups.

MISSION: This will be accomplished by reviewing and accrediting of the courses offered by our Partner Members and the standardization of the certification and recognition process.

Dr. Yannick Atthos Diaye

Dan Grimsley

Daniel Garvin  Director of Marketing

Stewart Ervin

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